The Amazing Cornelius (freud_chicken) wrote in uwo_pirates,
The Amazing Cornelius

keelhaul the cap'n

So last Saturday I was invited to dinner by a friend's family at a for reals restaurant. Being the poor (and polite) college student that I am, I accepted. We did not get back to campus until about 9:00pm and I, of course, did not make the pirate club meeting scheduled for 7:00. Apologies if you showed and stern reprimands if you didn't. This coming Saturday I will be going home for the weekend but next time, dammit! Next meeting will be incredible! I don't know if saturday will continue to work, as many members were unable to attend and I will be having play practices on Saturday nights pretty soon. We'll see how things go.

Once again, my sincerest piratey-est apologies.
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